Eleanor and her mom have visited my 'Instant Doggie Photobooth' a handful of times around Noe Valley in San Francisco. Eleanor is a stately, wise Boxer with the most enormous eyeballs I've ever seen on a dog. And she's not afraid to use them. Though the instant polaroid portraits I create for guests at the doggie photobooth are magical treasures my clients keep on their mantles for years, it was time for Eleanor and I to do a proper fine art dog photography session to do her beautiful, mushy face justice. human animal bond in photography

There is such depth and love passed back and forth between Eleanor and her mom. It was simply a joy to watch.

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There are no secrets to photography, or to finding clients, or to taking a good photograph. All there is is life, and passion, and relationships. Getting invited to honor Eleanor's spirit was an honor, and it was easy because everything was all right there in front of me- a bond, two beings, and genuine emotion. That's all a photographer can ask for.

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Here's one of my favorite out-takes from Eleanor's many Instant Doggie Photobooth sittings. A rare moment when she wasn't blowing drool-bubbles.

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