National Sporting Library exhibit freidin My solo exhibit 'American Sporting Heritage' opens at The National Sporting Library and Museum in Middleburg, Virginia next week. My team and I have been working very hard getting the 15 large color photographs printed perfectly, matted, and framed in my San Francisco studio. It's been a really rewarding few days getting to see this series come together- the prints are large, the colors are dreamy and true to the magical film profile of the Kodak Portra 400, and I know the curation team at the gallery will install the contemporary hunting photography series beautifully. It's a real treat as an artist to have such a reputable gallery invite me to exhibit such a big show, and to get such personal attention from their curator and team. I can't speak highly enough of the National Sporting Library and Museum.

I'll be doing a closing lecture at the gallery on Sept. 5th 2013- if you're around, please stop by and say hello.

More information on the gallery here:

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how to cut a custom mat board

I had to make custom mats for all 15 pieces- something I do for all my fine art dog photographs, but since these were a unique size I had to get the pencil and scratch paper out and design new templates for my archival mats. Math is hard.