I've been photographing The Fabulous Beekman Boys up at their Beekman 1802 farm in Sharon Springs, New York for the past few years. At first I was drawn in by the beautiful relationship they share with the goats who inhabit their bustling goat farm- these goats are cared for not only by Josh and Brent (the 'Beekman Boys' themselves), but by the incredibly passionate and kind Farmer John who knows each one of their names, convserses with them daily, and earnestly dedicates himself to the animal's well being. Then the Beekman Boys began collaborating with a handful of accomplished local artisans in Sharon Springs. Each of these artisans practices a school of craftsmanship full of historical accuracy, incredible skill, and deep respect for quality. The products being developed by The Beekman 1802 Artisan Collective are simply leaps and bounds above what you might find in a large retailer, because each single piece - be it a ream of hand-stamped wall paper, a hand-sewn book, or hand-forged axe - is made in the true tradition of the craft. This is what makes the work extraordinary, and what enfuses each piece with a level of story telling that our modern day has come back in search of. As an artist working in the same traditional realm, I had a great time connecting with each of these artists and illustrating their practices.

My photo essay (below) was recently published in FOLK Magazine. You can read more about my trip, and see some behind the scenes photos, on the Beekman 1802 blog HERE.

beekman boys 1802

fabulous beekman boys artisans

the fabulous beekman boys

beekman boys

And here are a few favorite images of the hardest working residents of the Beekan 1802 Farm:

Beekman farmer john

beekman 1802 farm goats

beekman boys goats

beekman goats

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