hunting photography Open call for all hunters and sportspeople for 'American Sporting Heritage" photography series:

"I invite you to help me tell the story of the contemporary American hunter. As a commissioned artist, I have been studying dog/human companionship for over ten ears. The intimate bond that led man and dog into the field together for survival so many thousands of years ago is still alive in us today. With your gun dog by your side, you are fostering that powerful, primal connection. In the field and in the home, your dogs keep you in tune with wilderness and simplicity. This is what I am exploirng in my new series; this is what inspires my sporting portraiture and why your participation is so crucial."

This is an exciting opportunity for the voice of the responsible hunting community to be heard. Participation is free, and you will receive one signed photograph for your time.

For more information: (Booking sessions for 2012/2013 season)

hunting photography

hunting photography

sporting photography

hunting photographer


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