Watching a dog's muzzle turn from jet black to a refined silvery grey is a powerful testament to the beauty of nature's life cycle. All creatures age, most in very similar ways. And as humans our gift of language allows us to describe and fuss over each and every aspect of getting old. Sometimes, I find it more powerful to simply sit back quietly and observe. Especially when our beloved canine companions can't speak to us about their feelings on aging- they can only keep their heads up and move through the process with more grace and and dignity than most humans. Photographing senior dogs is an incedibly emotional process, as well as a true honor. best pet photographer

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I love photographing senior dogs. I listen to my clients as closely as possible, ask lots of questions, in order to understand how to balance the reality of aging with the image of their dog as a younger pup which they understandably want to honor. It's a tricky balance, but images like these are good examples of warm, loving black and white dog portraits that quietly honor the aging process.

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