Last weekend's Orvis Game Fair and Sporting Weekend was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a pretty perfect New England end of Summer experience. My assistant and I spent three glorious days in upstate New York at the beautiful Sandanona Orvis Wingshooting grounds- eating real New England apples, meeting incredible gun dogs, and chatting about my photography with literally hundreds of New England shooters and hunters. hunting photography

hunting photography orvis game fair vendor

We turned my vendor booth into a small gallery- inviting Orvis patrons and guests to step inside and take their time enjoying the photography at their own pace. I exhibited a combination of portraits from my 'American Sporting Heritage' series and black and white Fine Art dog photography. The vendors at the Orvis Game Fair showcased some of the finest products in the sporting world- from guns, to gear, to breeders and trainers (complete with x-pens full of beautiful puppies), to engraving, to taxidermists.  It was great to be part of such an elite community. Bringing a contemporary perspective to traditional sporting portraiture is a very exciting new project for my studio, and our weekend at Orvis' premier wingshooting school was a great way to begin introducing the hunting and sporting world to this new series.

hunting photography

american sporting portraiture  hunting photography freidin

orvis game fair photographer  orvis game fair photographer


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