The world lost yet another wonderful canine spirit recently- Bella, the French Bulldog. I had the honor of photographing sweet Bella a few years ago when she was just a young little pup. Her energy, curiosity, and kind spirit won me over immediately as it did everyone she met. This was a special dog who radiated warmth, and did a little bit of healing for everyone she touched. Bella's parents commissioned me, and the collection of fine art pet photography we curated together told the story of a dog whose presence truly defined 'family.' Though the bittersweet reality of the fascinating dog/human bond is that we, as humans,  have an awareness of mortality and knowingly buy into an intimate relationship where the odds are extremely high that we'll watch our canine companions pass on. It is a testament to the genuine power of the love companion animals give us that we are all willing to go through that terribly painful experience of loss over and over again. Not because we ever strive to replace the dogs that came before, but because we want to continue the cycle of giving and taking of love between our two co-evolved species.

Here are a few favorite portraits of Bella:

french bulldog photo

french bull dog photography black white

frenchie photo

Godspeed, Miss Bella. May there be enough pink blankets where you go next to keep you snuggled sufficiently.