These contact sheets are from a San Francisco pet photography client many years back. What's special about this one roll of film featured is that is shows a side of these wonderful dogs that people typically don't get to see- a quiet moment on the couch between siblings. Contact sheets are a magical and crucial part of analog pet photography, because they show the photographer the flow and success of each roll of film. best pet photographer san francisco

Clients often come to me because they have trouble creating photographs of their active dogs- which I take as an exciting challenge. Energy and movement can be beautiful, and portrays a very important part of a dog's personality. But being able to connect with my subjects and create calm, quiet moments is a true skill, and also a crucial part of my responsability as an artist. This contact sheet shows the very last roll of film I shot. As I was packing up my camera (after photographing in the back yard and creating some wonderful portraits of these dogs at play), this sibling pair followed me into the living room and simultaneously plopped down on the couch- showing me a beautiful amount of trust. I quietly loaded my Hasselblad with one last roll of 120 film and created this series of portraits that became the winning images, and were printed at Museum size and installed in my client's living room.

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You can see frame 17 was one of the images I selected to present to my clients because it showed the curiosity and warmth between the pair. Photographing intentionally, and very slowly, allowed me to be present in the moment and anticipate what these beautiful dogs would do next.