My week off in Cape Cod was warm and relaxing. Aside from spending time with family, my dog Pancake got to meet his new cousin Benny, my sister's dog. After loving Pancake for so many years, my sister and her partner were finally ready for a Pancake of their own. They adopted Benny from a Boston Terrier rescue group in New Hampshire last year and he has quickly rivaled my dog for position of 'favorite Freidin family dog.' My motto is: two dogs are always better than one. san francisco pet photography

My sister and I took our matching dogs to the beach early one morning and found ourselves amidst some magical overcast light. She helped me do some 'behind the scenes' photos for the blog (the following two photos are hers - photography runs in the family):

new york pet photography

new york pet photography

Unlike Pancake, Benny didn't grow up with a camera in his face, but he's a bundle of dog-joy just the same.

new york pet photographer

Pancake, however, loves workin' it for anything that even slightly resembles a camera (my Hasselblad, my iPhone, a wallet, a muffin held up to your face like a camera, etc):

cape cod pet photographer

And here's a lovely family portrait of Benny and his moms during a beautiful walk through Boston Commons:

Boston Pet photography

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