I just finished my pet photography seminar at Castle Hill Center for the Arts in Truro, Massachusetts (Intro to Fine Art Dog Portraiture). This was my second year teaching this class at Castle Hill, and I was so incredibly impressed by the creativity, enthusiasm, and work my students created. Not only that, each of my students made such wonderful discoveries during our seminar, and their progess was very exciting to watch. As a teacher, I want to take what skills my students already have and build upon them - showing them that the work of photography is right in their hands, and demystifying the complexities of elemental photography basics. cape cod pet photography class

pet photography classes massachusetts

This class combined classroom lectures and presentations with in the field assignments. Good thing we had Cape Cod as our photo playground to practice the skills we learned in class.

pet photography classes

Pet Photography Class with Jesse Freidin

Every year, I ask my students to present a final portfolio on our last day of class. The work they showed was excellent. And as a little extra-credit assignment I had my students work together to create one last final dog portrait (of Pancake, of course). I simply stood by for support, but did not coach them on making these images. Below are the two final portraits they created together- very strong portraits, if I do say so myself.

Student Work: Cape Cod Pet Photography Class Castle Hill

Student Work: Cape Cod Pet Photography Class with Jesse Freidin

You can see a list of my upcoming photography classes on my website: www.jessefreidin.com/about/photography-classes