This past weekend's "Instant Doggie Photobooth" at San Francisco's K9 Scrub Club was a huge success. Before I even arrived, our sign-up list was 75% full. As soon as my vintage painted canvas background, enormous vintage trunk, lights and analog instant camera were set up visitors swung by and quickly grabbed up the last remaining polaroid doggie photobooth sittings. photobooth for dogs

Here are a few amazing out-takes from the day. The balance of crispness, soft tones, and fall-off of my instant camera never cease to excite me. Even after pulling literally thousands of instant photographs in my life, the physical feel and magical look of this system will always make my eyes widen and heart race. It's just so exciting to be an analog photographer creating images completely by hand with fully manual equipment, and being able to constantly get a quality image that is simply stunning. What people sometimes forget is that these polaroid dog portraits are actual limited edition prints. I take one shot only. Sometimes I take a second exposure for my own private portfolio. But this is not automatic digital photography. I literally get one chance, and one chance only, to get this analog instant portrait perfect. It comes down to precision and patience, and that makes these small analog portraits that much more special and valuable to my Instant Doggie Photobooth guests.

jesse freidin doggie polaroid photobooth

instant doggie photobooth

polaroid doggie photobooth