This past weekend Pancake and I took a quick, yet quiet, respite to the woods. Have I ever mentioned he is a very spoiled dog? We sat by the river and soaked up some sun. Pancake decided to ignore the small towel I brought just for him, and instead trampled and shook and sandied-up every one of the 6 other people towels stewn about. He also managed to wiggle himself into the one tiny patch of shade my friends had created for themselves (see below). He's a real space hogger. But how can you get angry at this handsome face??

Jesse Freidin san francisco dog photographer

Then we went on one of our favorite hikes in the Redwoods.

Boston Terrier Jesse Freidin

Then Pancake watched as I attempted a puzzle. It put us both to sleep.

Jesse Freidin dog photography boston terrier

Now back to work in the city before heading to Cape Cod to teach my 5-day photography seminar: Intro to Fine Art Dog Photography.