This Summer has brought some wonderful clients into the studio. Keeping on top of my busy commission schedule forces me to stay creative, but it also forces me to stay incredibly in tune with why we as humans seek the companionship of animals. That drive - the human need for animal companionship - is the true crux of my work. I get to dive deeper and deeper into that bond every day, which makes my job truly fascinating. And emotional. bernese mountain dog photo

Before a client finds their way to my studio, they've thought a lot about the time, energy, and investment a collaboration will take. The moment needs to be right for them, which is why I give each of my clients 100% of my attention and care throughout or projects. They come to me to honor an emotional bond that defines their lives, and I guarantee that our photographs will celebrate that in the most beautiful and inspiring way.

berner photograph

I recently photographed Molly the Bernese Mountain dog in San Francisco. Her mom knew that though Molly was in excellent health, one day in the inevitable future Molly would start slowing down. Our collaborative project was not about that sadness, but about the true joy that Molly brought to her family. You could see it in their eyes- Molly's family was healthier, happier, more grounded because of the presence of this huge, clumsy, beloved dog.

san francisco pet photography

berner photo

Projects like these make me feel incredibly inspired and alive as an artist. Seeing the relief in my clients' eyes as they look at the images from our Photography Session together at my San Francisco studio is an experience that I will never tire of. The love of a dog has brought us together, and as a unit my clients and I create a series of Fine Art dog photographs that will forever honor a love and friendship. The fear of forgetting those stories, the look of their companion's eyes, the softness of their coat dissapears as this series of archival photographs takes it's place. And that is a wonderful gift to give each of my clients.