In an effort to bring people behind the scenes of my black and white pet photography process, I will be posting thumbnails of a few favorite curated collections here on the blog. Unlike so many other photographers out there, my projects don't simply end after the Photography Session wraps up. In fact, the Photography Session is really a minor part of my commissioned work. A few weeks after we photograph I bring my clients back into my studio for a Presentation, where we all convene over wine and cheese and carefully review the photographs we created together. I sit next to them, considering each and every image, coach them on their decisions while listening to their subtle cues and reactions. Through this creative and intentional process we finally arrive at our final curated collection. It is at the end of this meeting that my clients and I truly come together. With my help, they have selected the winning images (maybe 3, maybe 10, etc) at the perfect sizes for their homes and offices. The next step is taking this carefully hand-picked group of images and producing them in my studio. Here is a collection of black and white pet photographs I am currently producing. I love how my clients came in with a very specific concept of where they wanted to install photographs in their home.

This incredible group portrait will be the featured image, installed at a Loft size in the kitchen.

san francisco dog photographer


These two double portraits will be printed just one size down, and installed as a diptych in the master bedroom.

San Francisco Dog Photographer


san francisco pet photographer


There will be four smaller single portraits of each animal, epitomizing their unique personalities. Below are two of my favorites. These individual portraits will be installed in the home office which has an abundance of wonderful natural light.

Black and white pet photographyblack and white pet photography


And, below is a favorite out-take from our Photography Session. As a self-proclaimed 'dog person,' I am always amazed when cats behave themselves (ie: don't try to injure me in some way, run away from my camera, or try to see into my soul). I was fascinated with these beautiful felines, and photographed them just like any other client's companion (ie: dog). I framed up my shot, introduced them to the environment, and simply observed. The beauty of black and white analog pet photography is that it is slow and purposeful, meaning the moments in between every 12 frames can be some of the most perfect moments of the day.

black + white pet photographer