black and white pet photography A commissioned artist must listen intently to every word their clients say. Even small talk. Even the things that seem trivial. In order for me to create photographs that will resonate deeply with another person- I must first gain a sense of who they are, who their companion animal is, and what they value in their life. I do this by simply listening, and giving them the space to tell me stories.

This is Addie- a beloved San Francisco dog. Our Fine Art Dog Photography session took us out to a favorite secret little park near the Marina. I love this park because the light is perfectly diffused, and the garden and grounds have such beautiful texture. I know exactly how my camera will read this light, and how my lense will create the softest fall-off in just the right way, pulling my viewer into dreamy yet location-based images that truly feel like San Francisco.

san francisco dog photography

san francisco best pet photography

Something my client made clear was that she wanted an image of Addie on her favorite couch, and an image of her feet with Addie. A unique request which I was excited to take on, as creative challenges like how to include feet in a photograph without it looking trite or cliche are what keep my creativity and camera work sharp. I set up these images gently, guiding Addie and her mom into the perfect pool of light and texture, and keeping everything calm and easy with my attitude and energy. In the end, we created a truly outstanding collection of fine art dog photographs.

The work I create for clients is not about me- it is about them, and about a relationship that I only glimps for a moment. A selfish photographer will hold too tightly to over-done style gimmics, letting their vision cloud their clients' vision. This is a mistake, I think. I want to be a vehicle for my clients, not a demanding creative voice.

san francisco pet photography