Every once in a while, Pancake and I need to get out of dodge. San Francisco Pet Photography Jesse Freidin

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is an abundance of 'nature escape options' in every direction. For a lazy day off, we typically choose our favorite river spot. We bring friends, books, cards, and snacks. Pancake trots along the shore and when he's hot enough, will flop his entire body down in the water. It's incredibly charming.

My favorite trick Pancake does is his 'auto-swim mode.' If you hold him over any body of water, he'll automatically start kicking and swimming in the air, almost unwillingly, as a natural reaction. It's a great party trick, and a good way to cool him off. I can't say he enjoys swimming very much, but that doesn't stop me from encouraging him.

San Francisco’s Best Dog Photographer Jesse Freidin