There is beauty in realness. And beauty in watching a moment come together in a purely honest and intentional way. Though most people don’t know it, I offer very special Instant Studio Sessions at my San Francisco studio where clients and I create a series of instant dog portraits with the 4x5 view camera. At the end of our session I help my clients select 10 of their favorite instant photos, sign each one, and put them in an archival box. These small, analog instant prints quickly become treasured keepsakes. Made on such an incredibly unique medium, it is impossible to ignore the magic and craftsmanship of these instant dog photographs. Here’s a favorite image from last Christmas. The depth of field and crispness of the large format 4x5 view camera play together here to form a perfectly balanced portrait. I can’t help but get drawn into the eyes and smile of both subjects.

instant dog photo freidin