It's not every day that I get a pet photography commission request for a cat. But, I do have people asking me all the time how I get animals to sit so still. "You must have lots of treats and tell them to sit and stay and stuff." Quite the contrary, actually. I never have treats on me while photographing or even interacting with an animal. I simply have a lot of patience, a calm quiet energy, and let them come to me. It's a mental and physical challenge, but after working with animals for 7 years it's just second nature at this point. And when photographing cats- patience and calmness is really all you can rely on. Especially black cats! Here are a few fine art cat photographs that I love from the past few years. How do you photograph a cat with a loud, slow Hasselblad film camera? I'm not really sure, but it looks like this.

black cat hasselblad photograph

fine art cat photographer

san francisco cat photographer

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