Whenever I travel East to work with my New York dog photography clients, I always find time to accomplish a few very important New England tasks. Including, but not limited to: drinking real apple cider (made from New England apples, pressed on a real wooden press, in the plastic jug with the red plastic top), eating maple syrup (it goes on any and all foods, including snow), trespassing on some weird old property with some weird dilapidated structure, walking through corn fields, and looking up at a true blue New England sky. The East Coast inspires me. Here's a little wrap up of my recent New York tour:

I photographed the 'Instant Revolution' Polaroid/Impossible exhibit for my good friends at The Impossible Project headquareters in NYC. Mary Ellen Mark and I talked shop about photography. Pretty great.

Jesse Freidin Instant Revolution

Martini the Yorkie and I had a great Fine Art dog photography session in the West Village, where he sat on some pillows, chased some Yorkshire Terrier sized toys (ie, tiny), and we took a walk down to the piers.

Yorkie photograph black and white I visited some galleries, met with a few analog photography mentors, and shot a LOT of film.


Then I drove out to the Beekman farm to meet with Josh and Brent of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. We're currently collaborating on a series that illustrates the local artisan revival happening in Sharon Springs, NY. In between photography sessions with the incredible local artists, I found time to trespass (and subsequently get yelled at) - one of my favorite passtimes.

photographer Sharon Springs Beekman


dog photographer Sharon Springs


Sharon Springs photography Sharon Springs is a beautiful and mysterious little town. And, to top it all off, I got to hang out with some baby goats. These guys are just 4 days old! You can hold them like a puppy. They were bouncing around their little pen, very curious and soft. Soon they'll be producing goat milk to aid in the production of Beekman 1802 soaps, chesses, and more.

Beekman boys photography Freidin