There's something about arriving in New York and in minutes having landed 2 new gigs, connected with mentors in my field, met the owner of my favorite Upper East Side art gallery, and consumed a billion calories. Practically all at once. But don't talk with your mouth full, ok? Working with New York dog photography clients is the perfect excuse to visit one of my favorite cities. It's a mild, quiet winter in New York. That means the light is perfect and still for New York dog photography sessions. Today's session features Martini, the 2yr old Yorkshire Terrier. He sits high atop a West Village apartment, looking down on those below from his perch of pillows. Today our New York dog photography session will focus on creating a powerful portrait of this little Yorkie on the bed, and outside by the piers near the West Village. I always try to pre-visualize every image I create, leaving room of course for the improvisation in between moments. Using medium format black and white film and a heavy, manual Hasselblad 500c, there is really never any allowance for mistakes. So I'll spend my train ride this morning going over the important portraits in my head, what my exposures may be for them, and how I'll compose each one: Yorkie in the middle of the bed, atop the pillows (watch for window light flare, open up my aperture to create depth, center myself with the subject); Yorkie out on the piers (close down to draw in cloud detail, push everything into focus with tight aperture, create distance by placing Yorkie in middle of pier, farther out).

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