Mary Ellen Mark polaroid Gary Baseman Jesse Freidin (Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Mary Ellen Mark, Gary Baseman and Maripol)

It's exciting to see analog photography continually prove itself amidst the modern digital world. People are thirsty for originality, tangibility, realness, and a return to craftsmanship. Missing the past is a sign of wanting to connect with the familiar, and a perfect example of this is The Impossible Project's successful resuscitation of the world of instant photography.

I was invited to photograph The Impossible Project's recent New York exhibit "Instant Revolution," showcasing images from Mary Ellen Mark, Maripol, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, James Franco and Gary Baseman - all on the very last remaining original Polaroid Spectra film from 2008 (the final production run Polaroid ever made). It was fascinating to see what each artist did with their film, and how the instant format was used to articulate a creative theme. A Polaroid camera is a powerful tool because it removes all inhibition and brings the photographer so incredibly close to the process of creating an image. Each artist in this curated show displayed their personas, a little bit of intimacy, in the work they exhibited. And I think so much of that had to do with the instant medium.

As I surfed the crowd, I had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with some fascinating people. I met some Polaroid reps who, along with the CEO of Impossible America mentioned a handful of Polaroid/Impossible Project collaborations for 2012. I chatted with all the artists, nerding out about composition, instant cameras, and the wonders of analog photography. And got lots of compliments on my camera tattoos. A fun night all around!

Mary Ellen Mark polaroid Gary Baseman Jesse Freidin

Mary Ellen Mark polaroid Gary Baseman Jesse Freidin 

(I took all these images on Impossible Project PZ600 UV+ film, which you can buy RIGHT HERE)PZ600UV+ freidin portrait

portrait freidin Gary Baseman

(above: the one and only Gary Baseman) (below: the one and only Jennifer Juniper Stratford)portrait freidin jjstratford

PZ600 color shade freidin

PZ600 color shade impossible staff

This collection of instant images was created with a Polaroid Spectra camera and Impossible Project PZ600 films.