I had such a wonderful San Francisco pet photography session with Magoo the Basset Hound recently. Magoo lives a life of luxury up in St Helena, wandering the garden, keeping an eye on the chicken coop, and riding shot-gun in his mom's ATV. This series will be installed in the 'animal room' of my client's home which features a) Magoo's favorite couch, b) various animal head trophies, c) paintings of my client's past companions, d) an authentic bear skin rug, all surrounded by a beautiful dark natural wood and deep rustic colors. These prints will be a beloved addition to an already ecclectic and inspiring art collection. Dog PhotographerDog PhotographerDog Photographer The crisp detail and smooth tones of these portraits continually entice me. I get lost in the perfectly sharp detail of Magoo's paws, the glaze of his clear eyes, and the folds in his coat. You can almost reach out and feel his warmth, and for me that is a sign of a successful portrait: having engaged your viewer so intensely that there is no longer a boundary between 2-dimensions and 3-dimensions.