Holy media exposure- it's been an exciting week so far, and it's not even Friday! Two great articles that have been in the works for quite a while were finally released this week. Good Dog Magazine features Jesse Freidin, Fine Art Dog Photographer

I had a great interview with Good Dog Magazine, discussing my process, why photography is such an emotional medium for me, laughing about the ridiculous costumes I put my dog in, the healing effect dogs and art have on us, etc. You know, the important stuff. Their writer even came and spent an afternoon with us while I was taking Instant Dog Portraits at Dolores Park for my ongoing 'Locals Series.' I think this is a really personal and fun article- click on the image above to read the whole thing. (FYI: that leading photo is not actually a self-portrait. It's just, coincidentally, another guy that sort of looks like me, with a dog that sort of looks like Pancake. Funny.)

Jesse Freidin Dog Photographer featured on East Village Boys

While I was in New York this past summer I was commissioned by The East Village Boys to create a series of dog portraits in the park. It was all very exciting until Hurricane Irene ruined everything. But, as I'm not to be one easily dejected, I stuck it out through the hurricane (enjoying some downtime with cousins, getting drenched amidst a few gorgeous stormy photo-walks, etc) and pushed our shoot forward. The result was an incredible day of analog dog portraits, meeting some incredible New Yorkers, and simply watching that tough New York exterioir melt away in front of my camera. The East Village Boys did a wonderful job curating this collection. Click the above image to see the full series.