This weekend I was invited to teach a fun photography seminar at Wag Hotels SF, sponsored by the Fox Terrier Club of Northern California. It was a great opportunity to kick back, chat about photography, get a little technical in an easy-breezy kind of a way, answer some great questions about my approach, and eat some cake of course. What more could you ask for, really. Though I love teaching intense multi-day seminars where students get to truly nerd out and workshop their portfolios, it's a nice change of pace to teach for only an hour. A short class is more about answering questions, serving as a sounding board for students, and offering simple yet effective technical tips, while getting everyone inspired on their own personal level.

My friends in the Fox Terrier group got wind of my recent 30th birthday mile-marker, and made me the most incredible birthday cake ever. Not only was it delicious (I mean really delicious), it was shaped and decorated as a Fox Terrier. I think a 30th birthday cake in the shape of a dog during a photography class is a wonderful way to celebrate this momentus birthday. I feel old.

(all photos: Christine Lopez of Mijo and Bambi)


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