Sometimes I think I can't cram anything else into my schedule- between a full calendar of Fine Art Dog photography clients, teaching more photography seminars than I've ever taught before, and travelling back and forth between SF/LA/NY, my Summer is pretty busy. But I love being busy. I thrive off of it. I think it has something to do with my genes, coming from a family of very hard working people who have made careers for themselves through a whole lot of dedication and long hours. Ok, so none of them are kooky artists who wear jeans to work and have tattoos and play with dogs all day. But still. As exciting as it is to be busy and have new clients coming through the studio door, I still need to find time to be creative and inspired. This weekend's work trip to LA was a great opportunity to get a little personal creative time in. I love driving. I love long road trips through the middle of nowhere. A 10-day road trip is what brought me to California, and along the way I probably shot through 25 packs of instant film because I was so inspired by everything I saw through the windshield. Driving to LA for work is just as inspiring, heading down the 5 for half a day. This time I brought along one of my favorite Land Cameras (the Super Shooter), and some old expired Polaroid 690 film. Nothing in this world brings me a greater sense of immense joy than holding a Polaroid camera up to my face and creating instant images. When the inspiration in your head becomes a tangible photograph- that is pure magic. And that inspiration keeps me fueled through all the work I do with my clients.

Here's what I created this weekend somewhere between SF and LA, on I5:

Polaroid 690 expired orchard

Polaroid 690 expired

Polaroid 690 expiredPolaroid 690 expired

Polaroid 690 expired