I always feel blessed that I can continue being true to my roots as an artist, and maintain momentum as a business. I've never sacrificed my style or loyalty to analog photography, and now more than ever I am seeing this dedication being returned to me. And it's pretty exciting. I've got a lot of instant projects on the horizon: The Impossible Dog Portrait seminar with The Impossible Project in New York on May 25th, my Instant Doggie Photobooth which I'll be travelling with this summer on Cape Cod/New York/etc, and my continuing Instant Dog Portrait series with the incredible PZ600 instant film from the Impossible Project. In order to center myself a bit and prepare for all these huge upcoming instant projects, I decided to spend an afternoon in the studio with 2 of my favorite subjects and a few favorite instant cameras. For this special afternoon I decided to pull one of my last rare packs of original stock Polaroid film from my vegetbale drawer (I have 2, so don't worry. I eat my veggies). This pack (Polaroid Chocolate film) was given to me by The Impossible Project over a year ago, when we first started getting to know each other. I had mentioned my instense love for Polaroid, my love for dogs, and my curiosity of Lady Gaga becoming the Creative Director fo the newly revamped Polaroid corporation. As a creative challenge, a very nice lady at The Impossible Project NY headquarters sent me 2 rare packs of Polaroid film- for me to create some wacky Lady Gaga dog portraits. What a silly idea. A few weeks later Doggie Gaga had taken over the world. But I never ended up using the film The Impossible Project sent me - they had sent me a sepia and chocolate toned film- which I had never used before (I decided last minute to go with the dreamy T669, which I knew like the back of my hand). I stored those 2 packs in my fridge for the past year, and pulled them out last night. And was TOTALLY blown away.


polaroid dog photo


polaroid dog photographer


polaroid dog photography


polaroid dog photographer


I feel so luck to be able to continue my work, and take my intense love for instant photography into this world of modern photography. If you want to learn more about upcoming classes, just click the "CLASSES/TRAVEL" button under "CONTACT"