Most people know that three of my favorite things are traditional photography, Pit Bulls, and collaborating with other unique artists. Really, any excuse to pull these things together is a real win/win for me, so recently I asked local analogue guru Christine Zona (of the famed Zona Foto, celebrated expert Lomographer, toy camera teacher, and world traveller) to put me in front of her camera. I wanted to articulate in a fun and easy visual way the complexities and beauty of analogue photography- from loading my camera, to hand-processing film, making darkroom prints, metering my subjects, etc. Christine's creative mind decided to take the entire story out of context and into the studio. Genius! So 842 photographs later(!!), we had a stop motion video that goes a little something like this:


Between Bullet (that handsome hunky Pit Bull) licking my face and Christine making me laugh, it was hard to remain serious through our entire studio shoot. But then again- this is art we're making. Art that I am so incredibly passionate about, proud to be keeping alive, and honored to be able to share with my clients. Traditional photography is a mysterious, difficult craft. It takes years of practice and focus. But it's also a lot of fun and sometimes I just can't help smiling when I'm doing one of my favorite things of life: taking pictures.


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A big THANK YOU!!! to Kristen and Bullet for being such willing, patient, and sweet models.