I'm currently planning my Instant Doggie Photo Booth which I'll be introducing to the East Coast this summer. Exciting! I'll be at the Wellfleet Flea Market every weekend in August 2011 (for those of  you synching up your iCal right now, that's 8/6-8/7, 8/13-8/14, 8/20-8/21, 8/27-8/28). This is the flea market of all flea markets on Cape Cod. Rows and rows of amazing antiques (my house is filled with billions of old cameras from my summer thrifting habit), hand-made artisan crafty things, local products, amazing tools you never knew you needed, snacks (love snacks!), and lots and lot of sunshine. And in the evening everyone clears out and the parking lot becomes the legendary Wellfleet Drive-In where you can sit on the roof of your car, eat more snacks, and watch some awesome movies. It doesn't get much better than this, folks.  

I'm hiring a canopy company to create a custom circus-striped pop-up tent for me, with roll-down walls. Since it will be so bright out, the inside of the tent will be a virtual enormous soft box (a nerdy photo term for big light-bulb). Genius! Kind of like this:

I've also found some great old Polaroid folios, which I'll customize with my logo. Dogs come into the tent, sit for a beautiful and unique instant portrait, and walk away with a small keepsake. It's going to be so much fun.

You won't be able to miss me (just look for the red and white stripes!!). So, if you have plans to be on Cape Cod, MA this summer - either for my 5-day Intro To Fine Art Dog Photography seminar (info here: Castle Hill Center for the Arts), or simply to vacation and soak up the sun- be sure to come visit me on the weekends at the Wellfleet Flea Market.