I love getting more bang for your buck. Today's DIWP (Dogs in the Workplace) features not only a fellow local artisan (virtual fist-bump for artists making hand-made pieces, and taking pride in their craft), but also a fellow Boston Terrier owner. This may actually be my most favorite 'more bang for your buck' combination ever. Let's get to know Anne, the owner of Beantown Handmade, and her two Bostons- Lily and Bean.

"I own a small business and work out of a home office/studio space. Our Boston Terriers Bean and Lily have their own space with toys and beds in the studio. They take their role as general supervisors very seriously by smelling all merchandise going in and out and making sure the office smells like farts during business hours.

Our business is named Beantown Handmade. I create handmade pet apparel and accessories and sell them through our website, on Etsy, at craft shows and to retailers across the country. Most of the time when I’m at work I’m crocheting, knitting and sewing snow hats, sweaters, bow ties and other assorted amusing things for your furry companions. My husband is my business partner. He helps with our photography and graphic design and is an all around sweetheart and lugger of heavy things at craft shows.

Bean was the inspiration for our business and has been our shop mascot and supermodel for the past two and a half years. He was 6 months old when I started making him sweaters to cope with our frigid Nebraska winters, and I enjoyed designing for him so much I started making pieces for friends and neighbors and it evolved into a business. He was a remarkable model from the beginning, finding it amazing he would get treats and praise just for sitting still. When photo paper comes out, he sits on it patiently and waits for his liver bits. We adopted our second Boston Lily last year from Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue and she is more of a behind the camera kind of gal. Lily’s favorite office task is smelling incoming packages, and she is very suspicious of bubble wrap, plastic and cardboard boxes of any size.

Beantown Handmade

Bean and Lily are very patient product testers, making sure what we offer is as comfortable as possible.  We support animal rescue organizations all over the world by donating products and a percentage of our proceeds to charity. If animals benefit from it, we’re all about it.

Beantown Handmade

Dogs have an amazing ability to instantly reduce the stress level of just about any situation. My dogs are also my role models in the workplace: I wish I could approach all of life’s endeavors with the same optimism and self-assuredness they have."


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Beantown Handmade

(all photos: Anne Burton)


Do you have an office mascot? Do your dogs help define what your business is all about? Lets tell the world all about it. Contact our studio to get involved in the DIWP series: studio@jessefreidin.com