Today's DIWP (that's my new tag for 'Dogs in the Workplace', FYI) features Clyde (the studly French Bulldog) and his awesome mom, Letitia. Letitia and I are buddies because we're both addicted to posting cute pictures of our dogs on Twitter. Clyde and Letitia work for a technology company in Boston, MA (wootwoot, my home town). Here are her thoughts on Dogs in the Workplace:

"I’m a senior graphic designer & production manager at small company with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, located just outside of Boston. After freelancing for a few months, we officially hired Clyde the French Bulldog in February of 2010 as “El Jefe” of our Engineering, Operations, Content, and Design departments. (That’s “Chief” for all you non Spanish speaking people.) Clyde’s not involved in any financial aspects of the company for fear that he would blow everyone’s salaries on Himalayan bones instead of actually cutting paychecks every two weeks.

Although hired for the important role of El Jefe, turns out Clyde’s not so good at managing projects or employees. However, he IS a master crumb hunter, greeter, prankster, and snoopervisor. He also sits in on conference calls, attends company meetings, inspects packages before they’re shipped, and warns us of solicitors who occasionally slip through the front door.

The best benefit of having Clyde at work every day is simply the smile he brings to our faces. He’s always happy to see all of his coworkers and is a great little guy to cheer someone up if they’re working on a tough project or make you laugh when it’s time for that afternoon break. Most everyone stops by our office to say hello to him, sit down on the ground to wrestle with him, toss treats into his mouth, or bring back a mangled Wubba he may have left behind in their office. He’s also a good lap warmer for those days when it’s a little chilly.

Our company’s mission is to (Snoop Dogg/Old School reference coming up) make money money make money money. Clyde’s personal mission is to save money money save money money money for more and more treats. I suppose they go hand in hand. In all seriousness, Clyde the French Bulldog has nothing to do with our company’s product, so I am very fortunate that he is able to come to work with me. Of course, outside of our 9-5 job, we do volunteer for the French Bulldog Rescue Network and that’s where Clyde really shines. He’s a good little ambassador for the rescue."



If you didn't notice, Letitia is a great photographer. I bet you could even hire her to photograph your dog. If Clyde says it's ok. Thanks for the input, guys! See you around BeanTown. Go Celtics!

(all photos by: Letitia Wallace)

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