Though I sometimes try to deny it, I love New York. I love a good Bergen Bagel with olive cream cheese, strong east coast coffee, the New York Times Sunday paper spread out in a tiny New York apartment, the smell of the subway, getting tossed around by terrible cab driving. I can really only tolerate New York for a few days at a time, but when I'm there I'm always reminded of my East Coast roots, and get a little nostalgic for New England. There is a special colonial kind of edge to New York, a special city light, and when you find those magical pockets of silence and calm you know you're in the middle of something great.

My recent session with Dixie (the New York chocolate lab) was a great example of finding that perfect margin of diffused light, city texture, wonderful companionship, and just pure magic. I brought along my beloved Nikon F3 35mm, and really love the grain and softness of these images:

New York dog photographer

New York dog photographer

New York pet photography

I'm looking forward to travelling to New York a handful of times this coming year for more exciting clients and events. This whole 'bi-coastal' thing is going to suit me well...