My very very secret stash of original Polaroid T-669 film is quickly dissapearing. My cameras keep eating it. In order to make it last longer, I've hidden expired packs of this revered film in easily-forgotten places: the back of my vegetable drawer, under files in my file cabinet, inside boxes in my trunk, sealed in bags in my equipment closet...... but still it dissapears. This weekend I'll be printing reproductions of some of my all-time favorite T-669 prints, done in the studio with my trusty Horseman field camera and instant Polaroid back (the same set-up I used for The Doggie Gaga Project). 669 film is a living, breathing organism- making each pack completely unique. Especially if it is expired. The colors swing, the chemistry swirls, the edges bubble. It's a mystery each time, and a very special joy. After years of using this film, and thousands of images shot, I still get giddy when I peel back the chemistry to reveal the instant print.

Here is the series I will be working on this weekend (both will be enlarged to 11x14inches, printed on fiber-based digital museo paper, and done in a limited series of 2):

polaroid expired