My winter vacation officially started about 6 hours ago, and I sure feel happy about it. I'm back on my old stomping grounds (Massachusetts), piling on 27 layers every day and braving the brisk snowy fresh air while Pancake wavers between loving the fluffy snow and acting like I am punishing him by freezing his tiny paws off. Winter on Cape Cod means a whole lot of quiet-time. No one is ever on the beach (since it's, well, freezing). Which means Pancake and I get to run around like crazy people and wear lots of coats and enjoy the perfect blue skies and miles and miles of open perfect beach. It's my favorite way to start vacation. And I'm pretty sure Pancake likes it, too. Here's proof:

(And yes, these images ARE all taken with my new iPhone, using my favorite pretend Polaroid app, which I love to hate. Or hate to love.)

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