Sometimes it's hard being an only child- you get bored, nobody understands you, there's never anyone to play with. It's a rough life. Pancake, being the spoiled only child he is, has been asking me for a brother every day for the past few months. "Dad, I'm soooooooooo bored. This is boring! We go to work and you do stuff and all I get to do is fart on people and sleep. Booooooooooring!". So, being the good dad that I am, I recently granted Pancake his wish. The stork delivered a very unique, and 2-dimensional, dog brother in flat 'standard mail' package. His name was Flat Brutus, and he visited us for a few weeks- traveling with me from San Francisco, to Los Angeles, to Boston, Cape Cod, and New York. Here is our story: First, Pancake and Flat Brutus had some serious catching up to do. P: "Hi, I'm Pancake. Are you my new brother?"  FB: "....."   P: "Um, why aren't you moving? You're really skinny. No one gives you treats? I get treats all the time."   FB: "......"   P: "Whatever, you're flat. That's cool."   FB: "......"

Then Pancake took Flat Brutus to one of his favorite spots in Cape Cod:   P: "We've got a pretty sick view from up on this hill, Brutus."    FB: "...."

Then we all went to visit Boogie- one of our favorite Boston Terriers on the planet!

Boogie's mom is the infamous Lili Chin- mastermind behind Doggie Drawings, and creator of the original Flat Brutus illustration! It was a heartwarming reunion for everyone involved:

Finally, I took Flat Brutus for a brisk walk up to the Hollywood sign.

I think he really enjoyed basking in the lime-light, and told me he had hopes of getting his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame one day. Being the good dad that I am, I told him that if he tried hard enough, he just might achieve that goal. Then I stuffed him back in his envelope and sent him on his way.

Want to get involved in the Flat Brutus Project? You can! It's fun, easy, and raises crucial funding for the French Bulldog Rescue Network.