In the past few months, my photography has been getting a lot of  international attention. How exciting, and rewarding. Here are a few fun places my name has recently shown up: modern dog photographer

Modern Dog Magazine did an amazing article on my Doggie Gaga Project, as well as a fun interview with me. They were one of the first big publications to contact me about the popularity of the DGP, and I can't hide the face that I was a bit frazzled for that first week. Who wouldn't have been?!? Their summer issue has the article, and is in stores now. So go pick up a copy, take a look at some of their favorite DGP photos, and get a little look into my world.

modern dog photographer

Another fun place The Doggie Gaga Project has popped up is with a very friendly group of French actors. We've had a very, er, funny exchange of emails and phone calls over the past few weeks. They kept asking why I didn't speak French. And I really didn't have a very good answer. But we managed to get through our funny conversations, and they decided to use Xotchil's image or the poster for their newest production. I have no idea what it says-- any one want to help translate?