Have you heard of the Flat Brutus Project? Not only is it amazingly creative an unique, it's also raising important funding for the FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue). Being a lover of all things smushy-faced and creative, I signed up to host Flat Brutus a few months ago, and can't wait for him to arrive in the mail! We're going to do so many fun things together: print in the darkroom (dogs are usually not allowed in there, but since he's flat, I guess it's ok), load some film (I'll probably have to do all the work for him, that lazy dog), and maybe have a very special photography session of our own. I think Pancake is going to really like him, too. Flat Brutus was originally created by one of my favorite dog artists out there, Lili Chin (brain-child behind Doggie Drawings). She is currently working on an amazing pair of drawings of Pancake, and in return I am going to photograph her and Boogie, her Boston Terrier. Her drawings are crisp, fun, and very unique. They articulate an amazing amount of character and comedy, and I can't wait to see what she creates for Pancake!

Stay tuned for my series of Flat Brutus photos, which will be posted on the blog. If you'd like to host Flat Brutus and help raise money for the FBRN, just go to the official Flat Brutus website.