Los Angeles, you overwhelm me. You are overstimulating and beautiful at the same time, a tiny vacation from the blander Bay Area. Your dog stores are amazing, your hills are amazing, your old signs and art-deco buildings are amazing, and your peeling paint and quirky stores, too. Unfortunately, I've been so busy photographing some incredible clients these past few days that I hardly have had time to stop and document the madness! But, here are some silly images of the most crucial part of this LA Excursion 2010: my team. Welcome to my team. They make me look good. Tonight, we celebrated our successful take-over of Los Angeles by dining on my favorite meal of all time: Pho.

And then we ran into the Los Angeles Lomography Headquarters. I was in plastic camera heaven. I drooled on the tables and tables of Holgas and Dianas and splitzer filters and fish eye lenses and instant backs and one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find plastic fantastic colors. I left empty-handed, but that happens a lot to me when I go to camera shops. I just get so overwhelmed that I can buy anything.

The real Los Angeles photos will be posted shortly. I've got almost 100 rolls of film to process when I get back. So, give me a few days in the dark room to catch up. You won't be sorry, I can say that much...