A big HELLO to the world of dogs and their humans!  I'm Diana [aka DC].  Recently, I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to intern as an assistant and project organizer for Jesse.  It has been both a ton of fun and hard work (but completely worth it!) as I get to learn from one of the best in what he does!  Yes, I work for Pancake as well - to him, I am one of his many human pillows. Jesse dedicates a lot of his time, energy, and passion into his fine art dog photography.  His pieces are vivid and captures the complete emotions and souls of the dogs.  What you see in those photographs are the end results of talent and hard work.  However, I feel that everyone should be allowed a few glimpses of what goes on behind the scenes at one of his sessions.  I had the incredible job of taking these shots of Jesse working with Jennings, a handsome nine year old golden retriever.  It was a great day for the photographer, the dog, and the intern.  I'll be keeping you posted with more fun stuff like this in the future.  Awesomeness.  Until next time!