This has been the most insane, exhausting, exciting, rewarding, and emotional 4 days of my life.I'm looking forward to what this next week brings. I hope it brings new faces, new fans, new clients, new accomplishments, and new publicity. And a few hours of actual sleep wouldn't hurt, either.

Thank goodness I've hired my good friend Lynn Hasty at Green Galactic to take care of all my PR. She's amazing.

In case you've been in a bubble, here is a small sampling of some of the places I've shown up in the past few days:

ABC's Regis and Kelly Show (at minute 14)




The Sundance Channel

And my favorite interview I did this morning with an old friend of mine who is a writer with

My interview with Canada's Much Music (sort of like America's MTV) should be airing tomorrow.

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Oh, and thanks. Thanks a lot to everyone pulling for me, coaching me, supporting me, loving the work, and generally sending my vibes of success. I truly appreciate it. And now I'm going to sleep.