Rounding up the last votes for 2010 Beast of the Bay Awards

So, if for some reason you either a) don't receive my newsletter

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c) don't follow me on Twitter

d) or just aren't in regular ear shot of my charming wit

I just wanted to let everyone know that there are only *gasp* 3.75 more days left to vote for the 2010 Beast of the Bay awards. For everyone living in the dog-centric Bay Area, this is a really fun and comprehensive who's-who list put out by the Baywoof (one of our great local doggie papers). Readers get to vote for their favorite dog-friendly cafe, their favorite dog walker, groomer, vet clinic, and even, yes, their Favorite Photographer!

As much as I want to win Best Photographer, I also want to give a leg-up to a few of my special dog community friends. So, if you find that you have a minute in the next day or two amidst your busy lives, and want to take a minute (really, it only takes a minute) to fill out the Beast of the Bay 2010 online ballot, here are a few friendly suggestions that you might want to consider. Along with me, of course, for Best Photographer.

Best Canine Friendly Winery: Mutt Lynch (food and drink)

Best Pet Boutique: Hazel and Gerties (shopping)

Best Locally Made Dog Stuff: Paco Collars (shopping)

Best Veterinarian: Dr. Calvin Lum (health and wellness)

Best Doggie Daycare + Boarding: High Tail Hotel (canine services)

Best Private Trainer: Bob Gutierrez (canine services)

Best Photographer: Jesse Freidin (canine services- THAT'S ME!)

All these referrals are linked to each person's website, so if you're curious about some of the best dog products around, surf on over and learn a little bit about some of my good friends. Here's the link to vote, and thanks again!! Good luck to me, and everyone else.

BEAST OF THE BAY 2010 BALLOT - free, easy, fun, no log in required

(and, if your'e zealous, you can vote every day from multiple email addresses and really push me over the top!!)

And to keep things interesting, here are a few images from one of the many events I've done with Mutt Lynch Winery. I like to lug my huge large format 4x5 Field Camera (with the Polaroid back) up to the vineyard to help raise money for their local animal shelter. I love photographing dogs with this camera- it is so big and gorgeous, and really challenges me to act upon that perfect decisive moment where the dog and I am truly connected. That is when I pop my cable release and the shutter makes that wonderful KACHUNK sound. Magic! And pulling Polaroids makes the whole experience even more unique and beautiful.