So, I just had my very first 'jet setter' experience. One day, I was busy rustling up attention via the online world, and the next day I was whisked away to West Hollywood to photograph the Buddha Bark Celebrity ad Canine Golden Globes event. How amazing! My very first invitation to mingle with celebrities, not to mention help support one of the most well known animal rescue foundations in the country, Best Friends. Buddha Bark is the newest philanthropic engine of the animal world. Powered by Hollywood flair, celebrity support, and many kind hearts, Buddha Bark is gearing up to make a strong impact in the coming year. My job during this whirl-wind weekend was to make sure I recognized every famous face on the red carpet, didn't miss a beat during the doggie fashion show, and captured the spirit and excitement of  Madison Svensson's brand new organization (she's the brain child behind Buddha Bark). But, you know what they say- never leave home without your Hasselblad. Or, is it only me that says that.... Anyway, I couldn't help but take some beautiful black and white portraits, while frantically trying to put names to famous faces. To name-drop a few: Hal Sparks (Queer As Folk), James Avery (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Tami Erin (Pippy Longstocking), Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), and Jason Biggs (American Pie). All the celebrities that showed up were true dog lovers, and many owned multiple rescue dogs. How cool is that!?

Here are some fun images from the weekend's event. Enjoy!