Turtle, the tiny gremlin

I'm very excited about this whole new *blog* thing because it's an excuse to finally post all the funny outtakes from my sessions. When I bring my clients back in to the studio to for their final Presentation, I usually show them around 20 or so of my favorite images. I make large scans of my negatives, which are then projected onto the back wall- it's a really fun way of going over the work and always incites a lot of emotion. But- what about the outtakes, the stuff that I don't show?  Turtle (this amazing, full brindle French Bulldog) had the zooms when I arrived, so we got to just play for the first half hour or so. I was lying on the floor, using my waist-level view finder which allows me to get a very low, dog POV angle, simultaneously snapping the shutter and playing fetch.

Turtle's mom had an amazing apartment on Guerrero, with a perfect patio in the back. Turtle showed us his awesome dribbling skills with his mini pink soccer ball. I think it was getting stuck on his teeth. So cute! Aside from being completely gorgeous, sweet and very well trained, Turtle is also a Therapy Dog!! Thanks for a great session, Turtle. That was a lot of fun.